With some travel experience under my belt and after spending time adventuring – doing things the right way (as well as the wrong way), the time has come to build a travel hacks blog. This is a space to help you (and probably help me learn more too) to become a streetwise backpacker. Anything from packing, to discovering what sort of traveller you are, to what budget you need to think about and much more. Every blog will be useful towards first time travel goers, anyone hunting for handy travel tips, for those who are a bit rusty or those who like to look for a second opinion.

Solo travelling or group travelling can be daunting at the best of times, so reading up and checking things out online before you head out in pursuit of the world and adventure is only ever a good thing. Although there is really nothing better than reading a bit of Bill Bryson and becoming a hopeful budding explorer, it’s a good idea to think about the logistics of your plan or even no plan.

I’ve lived in Switzerland and France, I have been inter railing around Europe and I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Canada, the Caribbean, America, Africa, India, Thailand, Indonesia and New Zealand… So far. There is plenty more on my list to come, but with where I’ve been so far and the experiences I’ve been through, my hints and tips will get you well on the way to the beginning of your adventures and help guide you along your way.


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