How To Keep Your Memories Alive

I can never emphasise enough the importance of keeping track of all the amazing activities, sights, people and places you experience when you travel. When you travel, you are on a trip of a lifetime, no matter how short or long of a time you go for, or how near or far to home you might be. Each destination, each new village, each new person, each new activity you experience will differ to anything you have done before or do again. 

Everyone remembers things differently, just like each person can learn differently. Find a method which works for you and go for it. Keeping your memories should never be a chore. Here are a few ways of keeping your awesome memories alive. 

The Diary – a perhaps somewhat obvious choice, but putting pen to paper of each new day in your travel life could work for you. When did you wake up? What for? Where were you? What was on the cards today? Just a few questions to kick start a good old-fashioned diary entry. One of the best bits about keeping a diary? In many years time, you might dig your travel diary out from a cupboard of junk and begin to read through your own adventure story, a real treasure trove of reliving memories.

Photos – with technology booming, the ease of using a camera phone, the unbelievable quality of cameras improving all the time and with more generations taking photos constantly at a simple click of a button, it is quite possibly the easiest way of making memories. Real moments can be captured, printed and framed. Pictured memories can be shared with people across the world through social media. Posting photos online and archiving them on a website like Instagram, will ensure they live forever. Just remember, they are your unique photos and its up to you how you choose to keep the memories within them. 

Scrap Booking – keep those plane tickets, show tickets, museum tickets, entrance tickets. Keep those maps you picked up on the journey. Keep the receipt from that awesome bar. Pretty sure you get the picture by now, but keep as many little treasures and trinkets as you possibly can. On your return home, you can buy a scrapbook if you’re the creative type and get sticking things in and writing little bits here and there. Alternatively, you can always buy a box and keep everything in there. Anytime you miss travelling and want to remember some of the awesome things you did, you can rely on your box or scrapbook as a pick me up. You can find these creative stationary bits somewhere like Paperchase.

Postcards – most people write postcards home, I like to collect them. On a summer trip inter railing around Europe, I decided to buy a postcard in each city I visited. Affordable, easy to carry and easy to find. Although I usually just stick them up on my walls, I want to find the time to find some photo frames to pop them in. Occasionally, it is easy to forget where you have been when you list off every place. By keeping postcards, you can flick through them or dot them about the house and have a constant reflection of the memories you made there. Easy peasy. 

Blogging – yes. Travel blogging is popular. Yet, it’s a great way of making a portfolio if you’re a creative. Words, pictures, links, colour, it really can be a full package. You can add the blog link to your other social media pages, you can email the links to family and friends who want to keep up with your experiences and journey and it’s possible to do all that from a tap of a tablet. My most recent adventure involved me making notes on my iPad, typing them up into a story-telling style and creating a WordPress account to post them on. I now have an archive of writing to look at whenever I like, and can share my experiences to the world, giving a sparkle of travel inspiration. To make your life easier, just make sure you make at least some small notes for each day. When you’re life is suddenly bombarded with travel, experiences and activities, it can be a little tricky to keep up-to-date as easily as you may think. But make it fun and intriguing, it’s your creation and memory making archive.

These are just a few ways of remembering the good times. Each technique is different and you can always make tweaks to make something yours. Choose one and try and stick with it. If you feel it doesn’t quite work for you, mix it up. You can always merge methods too. Enjoy the memories you make and don’t overthink how you keep them. Just make sure you keep the best of them. 

Happy memory keeping adventure pals!