Finding That Bag

I’m a huge fan of story telling and writing blog posts which people are glued to reading. I write of travel adventures, yet also deliver information about places and things to do. After being contacted by numerous individuals about how to pack, how to organise travel, how to budget – basically a long list of how to questions and asking what I’ve been doing, I’ve decided to create a travel hacks blog.  

Every now and then, I will post opinions and my ideas of what works (or doesn’t work) when travelling. If you have any questions or would like me to write about a particular travel topic, my door is open!

Here goes, welcome to my first travel hacks post and a basic starting point before setting off on any excursions, the important knowledge of how to choose a backpack.
It might seem simple and easy, but you have to be savvy when whittling down the choices of a decent backpack. Below is an easy read of dos and don’ts when looking for the right backpack for you. Trust me, your bag will be like another part of you once you’ve left the comforts of home.


– Go into shops and try bags out. Fit and comfort is everything when it comes to your backpack. Ask shop assistants for help, they should be able to tell you every detail about the product they are selling

– Find an adjustable bag. You will need to fit straps to the shape of your body so that carrying a big weight is easier and less of a burden

– Avoid the suitcase with wheels. It may work for some, but if you are walking on sand or trekking through a jungle to reach accommodation, wheelies will be a nightmare. But always look for backpacks with wheels, they are super handy when you’re in a big city

– Go online and browse websites, sometimes you can find high quality bags for a decent price because they are from last year’s collection, either way the web is a great starting point

– Aim for a 65-85 litre bag as your main bag, this will be enough space to take what you need for a short trip or a longer adventure

– Take advantage of your carry on, try and buy a 20-30 litre bag, or a bit bigger if you’re planning a 3+ month trip. This way you can put some clothes in here and miniature body wash etc, in case your big bag gets lost at any point between flights and transfers


– Buy a backpack from eBay which is cheap and/or an unknown brand. It will be likely to break more easily, tear in places and even fall apart completely. You might think you’re saving money on something inexpensive but your bag is an investment and it is vital to be spending money on quality

– Settle on the first bag you see. Look around, ask shop assistants for help, research online. Your bag will be your best friend when you find the right one

– Be scared of all the straps and zips. Check out what they do, how many compartments there are and what will work personally for you when it comes to packing

– Buy a bag because it’s pretty. Yes there are some bags that are decorative and look super cool, but the industry is huge so you will at least find a colour on a decent bag you like

– Forget to buy a travel bag tag, a label with your name, number and home address is essential in case your bag gets misplaced along the way

– Keep valuables in your hold luggage unless you have a lock, I always carry my valuables in my hand luggage as I have much more peace of mind that way

Here are a few links to have a browse through, as well as brands I would recommend:

Mountain Warehouse


Nomad Travel



– Blacks

Have a look on Amazon too, sometimes you can find hidden treasures – but make sure you read everything you can about the bag first before making a decision.  
Brand names:

– The North Face

– Osprey

– Berghaus

– Vango

– Lowe Alpine

Just to name a few cracking brands in case this is all completely new to you.

I’m more than happy to answer questions or if you want to hear of my own bag experiences, let me know.

Happy bag hunting explorers!


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